on cooking in California: part 4

As winter came on, so did citrus, and the third wave of things we’re making an effort to keep around. Lemons are a good complement to the sardines in our pantry and the ginger that unexpectedly found a home in our fruit bowl. They’re handy as a source of acidity to make a dish’s flavors pop, and they’re essential to sidecars and other cocktails. Limes serve many of the same purposes. Orange juice is also welcome at the bar, at breakfast (especially when we have guests) and in sauces. If we were truly Californian, I suppose we would squeeze our own oj when called for. We only have a handheld juicer, though, and balk at the idea of juicer-as-appliance. Instead we eat the oranges that we pile in the fruit bowl and keep juice as concentrate in the freezer.


1 Response to “on cooking in California: part 4”

  1. 1 Dave
    April 30, 2010 at 21:48

    California oranges are no good for juice. Too bitter. I like the easy access to lemons, though. A lot of folks seem to have lemon trees in their yards around the bay area. There were a ton of them in my old neighborhood in Santa Clara where it’s a little warmer and sunnier.

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