pickled jalapeños

I’ve realized that I seek out pickled jalapeños for their taste. I mean, it’s nice that they have some heat, but it’s that combined with their basically sweet-and-sour character that really hits the spot. My work lunch is often a rice-refried beans-cheese-and-hot salsa burrito from El Toro, and it’s great, but it takes pickled jalapeños from the salsa bar to make it satisfying. At home, we recently finished the first jar that we bought in California, an unfamiliar brand called La Preferida. Too sweet, not sour enough, which may explain why it took so long to get through them. I replaced it with a can of La Costeña, and magic. Yes, taste and nostalgia are closely intertwined.

2 Responses to “pickled jalapeños”

  1. June 21, 2010 at 13:03

    I prefer la Costeña too! I miss pickled jalapeños, must seek them out!

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