kitchen myths busted

Thanks to Jeremy for this link. Some of these are pretty subjective (electric and gas stoves may each have benefits, but I still believe the benefits of gas win out), but some others make for interesting reading. Who even knew some people think heating metal seals cracks in it or that cold water boils faster than warm?

Jeremy says he thought at least one of these myths was for real. Me, too: mine was about baking soda’s ability to absorb smells. (None of my family’s cooks ever had any ideologies about cooking beans. They take as long as they take, and not salt nor acid nor anything else really makes a difference.) Anything on this list that you believed?

3 Responses to “kitchen myths busted”

  1. July 13, 2010 at 19:06

    My best friend and his wife both grew up on Texas. He is absolutely insistent on the “real chili doesn’t have beans”, but does not mean it nearly as literally as the myth post would suggest. It’s like saying real potato salad is made with mustard or real men don’t eat quiche. Obviously, the eating of quiche does not reassign one’s gender. :)

    In a sort of anti-myth mode, I always use milk when I make my scrambled eggs. I’d never even heard that you shouldn’t or can’t do taht.

    • 2 Jon
      July 14, 2010 at 19:17

      I also am a practitioner of the avocado-pit-to-preserve-freshness method, but I also use lime juice (tastes great and locks out oxygen) and tightly sealed saran wrap.

      Interesting list of things I’d taken as givens, things which I did because Mom did, and things that make no sense to me (mainly the thermal ones).

      Real chili does NOT have beans (but does have tomato, WTF?)
      Potato salad has BOTH mayo and mustard
      Real men MAKE quiche.

    • July 14, 2010 at 20:26

      When I posted this, I had actually forgotten that the chili/beans thing was in there. My favorite of the cranky myths. Especially because of the way he picks and chooses. He’s all virtuous in saying, “Texan chili is merely one variation.” But then, Cincinnati is right out. As though no one has ever done worse things to chili…

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