dolce far niente cuisine

J-P and I have a division of labor in the kitchen. Meat, fish, and Italian: his. Beans, tortillas, and baking: mine. He’s more stew, I’m more soup. He fries more confidently than I do; I bring home more new recipes. If we’re looking to do something exciting with leftovers and odd vegetables, he’s our man. But if, like tonight, we’re both too tired to decide what to cook, I’m often the one who’s able to see a low-effort way out. (One that doesn’t involve the telephone.)

Tonight was one of those nights. We had the last bits of a bunch of mint, the tail end of a cucumber, half a purple onion, one piece of fried chicken from the Front Porch, and the ever-present parsley. Bulgur is easy. Tabbouleh with chicken was calling. There were also a few pieces of undercooked fried okra from the Front Porch in the fridge. While I chopped veggies and herbs and soaked bulgur, J-P refried the okra in the olive oil laced with chorizo fat that was left over from our last fried chickpeas meal.

Dinner was ready in less than half an hour, and it hardly felt like we did anything to make it happen. Success.

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