At Eric’s tonight, J-P commented on how we’ve apparently passed the American norm for rice consumption at Chinese restaurants, as we never seem to get served enough for the amount of other food. This, he said, even though he was sure I could agree that a bowl of plain, steamed white rice holds little appeal.

I demurred. Not that it’s my favorite way to eat rice, but it is sweet and simple and sometimes appealing.

Well, he said, I guess growing up in a culture that eats rice with its meals might give you a different take on it.

I never realized that rice was a thing like that, I said. Seriously, you didn’t eat rice? If you had, say, chicken and vegetables (my mother’s cooking wasn’t great), you wouldn’t have rice with that? Not even Mexican rice, just plain steamed, with a little salt and butter?

Nope, he said.

Long-Grain White Rice


2 Responses to “rice”

  1. August 9, 2010 at 09:55

    Rice is a wonderful staple; I love the Persian way of making it, with the buttery crust in the bottom and could really become a glutton on it.

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