freeze dried ice cream sandwich

Yesterday, J-P and I wandered around SOMA, ostensibly shopping for chairs. Predictably, we ended up at REI, buying the sleeping pads we swore we would get after our camping trip last month. We also checked out the camping food, which Steve and Liza told us would be very posh. It was. We could resist the instant wild mushroom risotto and pad see yew, but we couldn’t resist the freeze dried ice cream sandwiches.

They’re better than you’d expect. The ice cream has the unnatural creaminess of ice-cream-sandwich ice cream, and the cookie is delightfully crunchy. Much crunchier than you could ever use in a real ice cream sandwich, lest the non-freeze-dried ice cream squirt out.

And I decided that I kind of like freeze dried ice cream. I never had it as a child, despite my proximity to the Johnson Space Center. I first encountered it, at J-P’s urging, as an adult at the Air and Space Museum. I declared that it tasted like Lucky Charms marshmallows. I still hold that opinion, but I’ve decided that it’s not such a bad thing. Especially when it’s surrounded by a crispy, crispy chocolate cookie.


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