blackberries and fennel

San Francisco has huge stands of feral fennel, and something in their smell reminds me of the smell of blackberries. I didn’t think of trying the two together in time to do it last summer, but tonight, the two met, in two preparations.

Savory: Fennel and blackberries tossed with a lemon-olive oil dressing, a variation Mark Bittman’s fennel and apple salad with mustard vinaigrette (number 16 here). It was alright, but not great. Maybe I should have taken inspiration from his fennel and prunes with ginger vinaigrette (number 12 here). Ginger might have helped.

Sweet: This is a winner. I wilted some fennel in olive oil on the stove, to simulate the effects of baking. Drained the fennel and tossed it and some blackberries with a little sugar and cinnamon. That would make a wonderful pie filling. Now if only I can get enough blackberries for a reasonable enough price before the end of their season…

And the end of their season is clearly coming soon. I bought my half pint at Bi Rite around 2 this afternoon, and long before I got home (around 10), they were deliquescing and smelling more fermented than herbal-tangy-sweet.


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1 Response to “blackberries and fennel”

  1. August 17, 2010 at 12:21

    very interesting combination! will rememeber it when the blackberries ripen around here

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