Good things on the grill

On Saturday morning, I descended on Mike Cotton’s kitchen like a tornado. By noon, his fridge was full, mostly of things waiting for the grill:

1. A pound of gulf shrimp marinating in the juice of two limes, about a tablespoon of chile oil and a tablespoon of olive oil, four minced cloves of garlic, and some salt.

2. Another pound of gulf shrimp, each wrapped around some asparagus, then wrapped in parcooked jalapeño-flavored bacon. (I grabbed the first package that stood out. My choice-paralysis is fierce when faced with twenty shelf-feet of bacon.)

It was the first time I’d ever had to clean my own shrimp (that’s what parents are for). I hoped Mike would do it, but it turns out his hand swell up when he touches raw shrimp. So it was just me, the shrimp, and the paring knife.

3. The rest of the asparagus in a foil packet.

4. Planks of pineapple rubbed with Indian red chile powder.

5. Three or four poblano peppers.

I also made a green salad with roasted beets, chevre, candied pecans, grapefruit sections, and a lime-and-grapefruit dressing.

Alex made pitchers of margaritas. J.T. was the star BYO, making jalapeños stuffed with strawberry jam and cream cheese (really good!) and almond cookies with chocolate chips. Victor and Sabrina brought chicken sausage (tasty, I must add, as I’m a skeptic) and the chips for Mike’s Tamale House salsa.


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