a treat for the lenten season

At least if you don’t believe in giving things, like sweets, up for Lent.

peeps in the fire
Roasted peeps!

J-P had the idea. I insisted on the follow-through. Liza bought.

Roasted peeps are much better than you would imagine. The outside gets brown and crackly while the inside gets gooey–kind of like a marshmallow creme brulee. On a stick. Around a campfire.

melty eye
The way their eyes melted first was very Raiders of the Lost Ark.

a more even toasting
It was amazing the way we all suddenly got much more skillful with the peeps than with the regular marshmallows, once we figured out how good they were.

melted peep
Everyone except Liza, that is. She melted her first one, then dropped her second one in the ashes. She enjoyed them anyway. (We convinced her to roast the debris off the dropped one and eat it.)

Also, the Golden Gate Bridge is gorgeous from Kirby Cove on a clear night.
golden gate bridge

I like to think that the bridge is painted that color because it’s so dramatic and high contrast against any kind of blue sky. Not far off. They (in the person of architect Irving Morrow) did in fact chose that color because it goes well with the natural surroundings.


1 Response to “a treat for the lenten season”

  1. 1 Valerie
    April 20, 2011 at 19:59

    You need to make s’mores with chocolate easter bunnies!

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