the soup was a disaster, but we didn’t order pizza

I’ve been delighted by the sweet, grassy smell of the water that comes out of my pressure cooker after I make chickpeas in it, and I’ve had the idea for a while now to use it as a broth for a soup. I envisioned something with carrots, garlic, cumin, maybe coriander, epazote (as a kindness to our digestive systems), chickpeas, and spinach. I was going to do this a couple of weeks ago, but J-P was sick and nixed the idea. “I’m sick, I don’t want healthy soup.” So we ordered pizza instead.

Turns out we would have ordered pizza anyway. Monday night I tried to realize my vision, with the substitution of fava leaves for spinach (which wasn’t available at the farmers’ market on Saturday). The fava leaves gave a great, dark green color, but once I blended them, they separated from the rest of the soup. Unappealing. And the short cooking times required for the ingredients meant that the flavors never married. By the time J-P got home from teaching at the Bike Kitchen, it was a pot full of stewed fava leaves, overcooked carrots, and unseasoned chickpeas. Gross.

Luckily, I also roasted this beautiful tree oyster mushroom and rounded up some leftover boiled potatoes to heat with it:

roasted tree oyster mushroom

I scrapped the soup and made a salad instead. J-P was huuuuuungry, though, so I also scared up half a pack of Morningstar Farms buffalo nuggets. Kind of like pizza…


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