Ferry Building shenanigans

On the way to and from Sausalito by ferry today, J-P and his mom and I spent some time in the Ferry Building. The first delight was that J-P surprised me with a meat cone from Boccalone:

Boccalone salumi cones

On our way home, we visited Sur le Table. Our haul consisted of our first-ever place mats (on clearance), replacements for our nine-year-old flexible silicone spatulas (thank you Austinites who gave me that going-away present) that have clearly seen better days, and a covered pie plate, to solve our perennial problem of how to transport a pie on a bicycle. We also discussed dish towels (how is it that the larger ones are less expensive than the smaller ones?), serving dishes, and Ann Taintor flasks, but we decided to get out while we still had a chance.

At no time did we consider the quesadilla grill basket:
Quesadilla grill pan
Nor the meatball grill basket, the corn grill basket, the stuffed-burger grill basket, or the slider grill basket.


1 Response to “Ferry Building shenanigans”

  1. 1 Jon
    June 21, 2011 at 19:00

    I have to admit, I tried a veggie/fish grilling baskety thing. It sucked. It seems like such a great idea, until you realize that it’s really just not. The quesadilla grilling “basket” at least has no pretense about actually being useful. Unless you grill a LOT of quesadillas…. one at a time?

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