Yes I want this truck in my party

Until last night, I only knew El Tonayense as a traffic hazard with the catering slogan “Do you want this truck in your party?” emblazoned across the rear. Turns out it’s the first food truck to make it into a Zagat guide. It’s well deserved.

For the second Tuesday in a row, I started to feel low-sugary on shift at the Bike Kitchen. I asked Sang if he had any sandwiches on him, but he was all out. He offered to go get me something, and he came back with a burrito of the chicken-and-orange-grease variety. Whether they call it guisado or chile rojo or what I don’t know, but it was delicious! The stew was flavorful, there was dark meat in there, there was just enough avocado-cilantro condiment, falling-apart pinto beans, and little pockets of melted cheese. Yes, please.

A little while later, our motor-bicycle couple showed up with their usual quiche and scones. I passed on the quiche (too full!) but am breakfasting on one if their scones.

And that’s nothing to what J-P had waiting when I got home.


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