Pig roast and apple cake

Patty and Jesper celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary with a backyard pig roast on Saturday evening. Thanks to La Caja China, roasting a whole pig was easier than anyone expected. Although the coals did start off too hot, meaning that the pig roasted too quickly, and remedial measures (such as dousing it with cold beer) had to be taken. Thanks to riding the Point Reyes Populaire (115k brevet) earlier that day, J-P and I arrived later than we expected and missed the excitement. We got there just as the pig was being carved.

Patty would not allow us to go home without taking a plate of extra pig, so it was fortunate for us that the weather turned yesterday. The cool rain made 1-2-3 pork over garlic-fried rice pretty appealing.

Leftovers from the pig roast with garlic fried rice

This first try at imitating the rice in Papalote’s Mexipino burrito turned out all right–next time, more garlic, fried longer.

For dessert, Danish apple cake in individual ramekins:
Ramekin-sized apple cake
Had to find some way to use up the creme fraiche!

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