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California citrus cornucopia

Bi-Rite has an irresistible citrus display right now.

Citrus cornucopia

Clockwise from the one you all recognize: lime, navel orange (also available in a pink-fleshed variety), Bergamot sour orange, Minneola tangelo, Little Wonder Kishu mandarins, and, in the center, sweet lime.

We had leftover pizza from Arizmendi (a work perk) and a citrus, avocado, and fennel salad for dinner last night. The citrus included the pink navel, a tangelo, and a sweet lime, with a sour lime juice dressing.


texas grapefruit?

Last night we used a couple of very tart grapefruits in our beet and grapefruit salad. It made me remember this time last year, when I was walking past a produce stand and noticed for the first time a sign that read Texas oranges. It made me double take, and I realized that twenty-five years of my life conditioned me to assume that unlabeled citrus is from Texas, and it’s California or Florida citrus that are labeled as something out of the ordinary. Even here in California, land of citrus (the state where I first learned that lemon trees have thorns), I still seek out Texas grapefruits. Just not for last night’s salad, apparently.


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