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Flatbread: roti

I have a secret ambition to some day compile a book about flat breads around the world. I plan to get Liza and Emma’s mom to teach me to make Malaysian roti.


That last one is captioned “beating the hell out of the roti dough.” It looks like fun, doesn’t it?


fresh flour tortillas

In anticipation of the new pressure cooker (it’s not here yet!), I made some flour tortillas this morning. There’s still a smell of warm flour and lard hanging in the air, and it’s deeply nostalgic for me. It’s the basis for a house that smells like food.

As I made them, I thought about my grandmother and my great-aunt shaping effortless circles while gossiping and seeming not to pay any attention to what their hands were doing. At best, I could lend one ear to John-Paul as he fixed my computer woes, and resign myself to mostly imperfect shapes. Lacking the patience and skill to slap the tortillas into submission with my palms, I grabbed edges and let their weight do the stretching. A little like tossing pizza dough, and I got the idea that I should try focaccia next. Or roti. Liza said she could teach me roti. Mmm, flatbreads.

In lieu of beans, I’m going to go fill some tortillas with zucchini, tomato, onion, and cheese for lunch. I’ve already had the traditional several (three, this time) hot off the stove and slathered in butter.

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