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things that are good for the soul

Slept in this morning (quarter til 8), then scrambled two 68-cent Clark Summit eggs, one of which was a pretty blue Araucana. Cooked them in duck fat left over from the holidays, finished them with black truffle salt. Ate them while gazing out the kitchen window: camellias, roses, weeping birch, orange tree, banana tree, palm.

Counting the per-egg price reminded me of my best episode of haggling while I lived in Guatemala–where it is not uncommon to buy eggs individually. I was asked to go to the market to buy fruit for the snack at a workshop I was helping out with. I finished shopping–a little friendly haggling here and there–and found myself toting probably 25 pounds of food, half a mile from where I needed to be. I asked one of the (usually long-haul) pick-up drivers how much he’d charge for the trip. He quoted me 40 quetzales, or $5–as much as it would cost to go 20 miles. I stared at him, told him to stop messing with me, and picked up the bags to go, even though it was clear I would never make it. He grinned and lowered his price to 5 quetzales. Which I accepted.

Jenny texted during breakfast, and we met at Atlas Cafe, where we talked about relationships and she gave me a bottle of apple cider syrup. I first had it a few weeks ago with a beautiful, crunchy cornmeal waffle at Brown Sugar Kitchen in Oakland. I have plans tonight to try the syrup over ice cream.

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