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our pescatarian friends go complexitarian

Pescatarians Paulie and Jessamin made it through airport security a while back with 20 pounds of venison backstrap that Paulie cut out of a deer in Texas. Pan-frying part of it as steaks turned their diet what Scott Thomson calls “complexitarian.” (I love that term.)

Here’s Paulie and Jessamin’s cat Dude with the second part of the stash to be consumed:

Dude and venison backstrap

(Dude would like you to know that Jessamin forced him up there for size comparison and that he wants nothing to do with that slab of raw meat, thank you very much.)

They turned this one into “something vaguely carne guisada-esque, with quinoa, corn, and black beans, and avocado on the side.”

venison carne guisada-ish

I really need to convince my dad to send me home with some venison. I’m not killing it or cleaning it, though. That’s still his job.


link round-up

More Questions of Authenticity and Fusion
Members of the Daring Kitchen take on Robb Walsh’s recipe for stacked green chile enchiladas. Australian suggestions for simulating tomatillos include gooseberries with sugar and green tomatoes mixed with tamarind paste, lime juice, and prune juice. Robb Walsh’s report on the results of the challenge links to recipes from London, the Netherlands, and Canada.

Taste of Beirut reminisces about a childhood favorite, chocolate salami: a French confection made from American and Middle Eastern ingredients and exported back to the Middle East. In which of those locations is it most authentic?

The National Museum of American History’s cafe celebrates Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (May) by adding Asian flavors to the menu at each of its stations. You’ll find pizza with Asian plum sauce and black rice used in a recipe that actually called for purple rice, but the title of their blog post about it proudly proclaims the exclusion of one of the oldest Asian-American fusion dishes (one with a history similar to chili gravy’s): No Chop Suey Here.

Locavores Tackle Meaty Questions
Culling the pest population in a deer-hunting class (actually, a deer skinning and processing class) in Charlottesville. Thanks to Jon of Audrey and Jon for the tip.

Mission hipsters consume another kind of pest at a cricket- and mealworm-tasting.

More Things Hipsters Do
Sell coffee from a bicycle-mounted stall.

Sell seed packets (seed bombs) from old gumball vending machines.

Follow-up: More on Arizona, Tavern on the Green, BP
Arizona’s racial profiling law raises worries about this fall’s lettuce harvest in Yuma.

New York City has revoked Dean Poll’s contract to re-open Tavern on the Green after he failed to reach an agreement with the restaurant’s workers’ union. The city is looking for a new new operator.

It’s about time: the BP oil slick has made Cake Wrecks.

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